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Social Media Marketing
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Social media marketing can be a bit of a buzz word for businesses. You might post a few times here and there on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other account, but you are not seeing any major results from your efforts. With over 2 billion active users on Facebook alone, there is a target audience out there for you – we just have to reach them. Using effective social media strategies involves more than just posting content, it is about having a focused plan for your company tailored for each platform individually.

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The Three Steps in Social Media Marketing

Find Your Audience

With billions of users on social media platforms you might think it’s easy to find your target audience. Maybe not. Voyage Media Works’ first step is to identify with you your target customer base and build around them.

Engage Your Audience

The next step is engagement. Users want to interact with your brand and feel good about it. That means you need posts and content that are relevant and interesting to them. Once we identify your audience we can build content that fits their interests.

Grow Your Audience

With the right audience and the right content, it’s time to grow. It can be extremely difficult to carve out your own space with the amount of content that is currently online. We’ll work with you to stick to a designated plan and adjust and adapt along the way to grow your audience.

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