Connie Winters' Pet Resort

Website Design & Development, Online Reservations, Social Media Audit, Email Marketing

Connie Winters’ Pet Resort has been a staple of the Indiana County area in pet care, boarding, training and grooming since 1960. So, when Connie came to us for help in redesigning her website and putting her back on the digital map we, our team couldn’t wait to get started.

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Project Challenge

Connie Winters’ Pet Resort has a thriving business that caters to pets like no one else in the area. However, their previous website was cumbersome and lacked easy ways for clients to contact the business about reservations and to get new information. They needed a way to get their staff off the phone and back to caring for the wonderful pets staying with them. Due to the business location, reliable internet is not an option. Our team needed to find a way to modernize the current site and organize it in a way that provided succinct information and give relief to Connie’s staff when reserving bookings.

Website Design & Development

Our Solution

The new site communicates the leadership and expertise that Connie Winters’ Pet Resort has in this space. The updated site map and layout provides clear destinations for users to get information quickly. It also outlines all the policies and regulations that must be met prior to visiting the business to ensure the safety and health of the other pets. Users can now get updates on training and other news in real time while also booking a reservation right from their phone, tablet or desktop with ease.

Email Marketing

Our team always asks one question when discussing a new project with a client. How are you talking to your customers? If they don’t know, it’s time to start. Developing a strategy to give updates to your clients in the form of business updates, blog posts or other pieces of information helps them feel more connected to your brand. In a survey we did, after starting monthly blog posts and email blasts to their current customers, we found that her client base was wanting this very thing for a long time.

The most difficult aspect in the strategy and planning stages were to determine the best site structure that would merge the Golf Course and Event Center together while still keeping it organized and focused for each section. Users needed to be able to clearly see that multiple services were offered and navigate to information, specials, bookings and more.

Features & Function

Connie’s team struggled to find time in the day away from the phones. The current Kennel Management System they utilized had to be run off the cloud which made real-time reservations a costly challenge to implement. We came up with an affordable and low cost solution that allowed Connie’s staff to have even more time with the pets. When a user goes to fill out a reservation online, they provide all the necessary information. Our team then created a work-flow that converts that to an easy to read PDF that gets emailed to the staff. From there, the staff does a few minutes of data entry into their kennel system and the rest is history.

Social Media Audit

A social media platform is often the first time a potential customer sees your brand. In our efforts to reshape Connie’s online presence, we performed a social media audit on her Facebook account. Our team took care of standardizing her logo and branding across all digital channels and updated all her business information. After that, we found that Connie just didn’t have the staff time or hours in the day to properly monitor her messages from Facebook. We created automated message replies to thank customers for their message and to contact them via phone or email during business hours if it was urgent. This allowed us to still have multiple touch points of contact online but funnel them into the channels the Connie and her team could better utilize.

Project Conclusion

Working with Connie Winters’ was great for our team. We got to meet some great pups and cats along the way to building a modern and functional new site that solves pain-points for Connie’s staff. Together with the team at Connie Winters’, we implemented and tested successful online reservations forms, monthly blog posts and email connections and streamlined their Facebook presence. We look forward to working with them on support and updates into the future.