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Email marketing is a lot more than writing an email and shooting it out to your customers in hopes that they open it. Modern email marketing needs to take into account the needs of your customers by delivering them relevant information when they need it. Our team can help you take your existing customer list and turn it into a revenue generating stream by creating tailored content and delivery schedules that fit with your business. We’ll create custom templates that are branded for you, landing pages so we can track campaign performance and work along side you every step of the way.

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How Can I Use Email Marketing?

Keep Customers Up-To-Date

Regularly send out company updates, highlight a new team member, a charity you participated in, or more showcase how you and your company are staying involved and growing.

Target Online Shoppers

Ever wonder how you get an email after you’ve been online shopping saying “Hey wait! You left something behind.”? We can help setup abandoned cart emails, retarget past shoppers and more.

Run Local Specials

Local marketing lists are great to reach those customers that regularly frequent your business. Drive more traffic with target specials and coupons.

Provide Expert Knowledge

People are loyal to your business because you are an expert in your field. Give them information and knowledge on different areas of your business to help them understand and build trust.