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How Do I Get Noticed Online?

Trying to get your website ranked on the first page takes a lot more than having an aesthetically pleasing website. As Google constantly changes the way that they rank and show websites based on their own criteria, it is important that your website keeps up with them. To get in front of local customers, a complete strategy is necessary. There are no instant results or magic wands to be waved; however, we can put in place proven strategies to build your business ranking, compete with search results, and provide long-term assistance in your Local SEO efforts.

Wait... what even is Local SEO?

  • It is lunch time and you want a sandwich, but you do not know where to go: so you Google "sandwhich shops near me".
  • Google analyzes your search query, realizes you want to find a sandwich shop and using a plethora of data points sorts through millions of options before the page even loads.
  • After a few seconds, you are presented with several options all within a short distance of you. One of the options is a mom and pop shop you have never tried before.
  • In a single click, you can view the menu, visit their website or start Google Maps navigation to their front door.
  • That is Local SEO. From "sandwhich shops near me" to the front door of the restaurant in less than a few minutes.

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The Facts

0 %
of all Google searches each day lead to a local business.
0 %
of smartphone searches result in a visit to a store within 24 hours.
0 %
of consumers visit a store after performing a local search.

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Local SEO Services

Local Optimization

Search engine optimization that is targeted to generating higher local performance. Our team will conduct keyword research and on-page SEO analysis to see how we can improve your site.

Landing Pages

Creating areas where customers can get the information that they need quickly helps drive traffic and engagement with your business. If they can’t find the information they won’t visit your business.

Google My Business

GMB (Google My Business) is your company profile on Google that allows one click access to your website, contact info and more. Having an up to date and optimized GMB is imperative for your clients to find you.

Schema Markup

Search engines can figure out English - but they prefer their own language. Schema markup allows us to translate your website content into a search engine friendly language.


To create and foster an environment for businesses to thrive in the evolving digital landscape by doing three things. Communicate clearly. Deliver results. Build relationships.

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PPC Advertising

Our team will handle keyword research, demographic targeting and every step in between. As Google Search and Display certified partners, we are committed to results.

Photography Services

Photography is one of the most important aspects in today’s media. Whether that is for advertisements, social media or your website, we make sure that you are covered.

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