L. Donovan Books - Birds in My Backyard

Digital Strategy, Facebook Ads, Amazon Seller Central

Lisa Donovan is an author of the children’s book “Birds in My Backyard”. After working in communications for various companies and clients, she decided to combine two of her passions – bird watching and writing. With her book ready to go and copies made, Lisa was looking for help in navigating the complexities of Amazon Seller Central and Facebook Ads to help generate sales. Our team worked with Lisa to correct issues with her Seller Central account, create a KDP version of the book for Kindle Publishing, and set up targeted Facebook Advertisements to get her book out there.

By the numbers

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Project Challenge

The book Birds in My Backyards offered several challenges during the work process. The Amazon Seller Central configuration was locked down with multiple sellers making it nearly impossible for us to make changes and edit the page information and keywords. Support is hard to come by from Amazon on this front. In addition, we needed to go back to the drawing board and research keywords, descriptions and other information to stay competitive in a bloated marketplace.

Next up, Voyage Media Works needed to create a compelling and effective Facebook Ad set that drove business to her Amazon page. Working with a limited budget and time frame, our team was able to meet these goals and create amazing results.

Amazon Seller Central & KDP

Our Solution

We worked with Lisa to create new text descriptions, submit photo submissions and get complete control of her books listings. Pulling information from keyword research tools and cross comparing competitor listings we settled on the categories, keywords and branding that suited her book best. With that ready to go, we implemented and linked the Kindle and print version to offer both to any potential buyers.

Facebook Advertising

There had been no previous advertising attempts before Lisa started to work with us. Based on her demographic we suggested Facebook Ads as a budget friendly way to get a feel for what the process looks like and how it can work for her. Our team walked step-by-step through the process with her to make sure she understood what we were doing, and why we were doing it.

We created two Ad Sets with an age variable to gauge who the best potential buyers would be. After a few rounds of optimization, we just were not seeing results. Our team took a closer look and found that the price point for the book just couldn’t compete in the current market place. After adjusting the price down, things took off. That’s when we saw our CPA, CTR and sales show fantastic numbers.

Project Conclusion

This was a wonderfully fun and informative project for both our team at Voyage Media Works and Lisa as we worked together to help bring some her book to life. We were able to get complete control over her Seller Central listings and remove other sellers that were not authorized, create a Kindle version of the book, produce an animated ad that brought her artwork to life and create compelling and engaging advertisements through Facebook. L. Donovan Books saw a $.064 average Cost Per Action, a 6.63% Click Through Rate and a 320% increase in Actions after optimizations.