Swimmers Network

Digital Strategy, WooCommerce Store Front, Logo Vectorization

When the new owner of Swimmers Network took over the brick and mortar store in 2017, his goal was to drive his online sales and traffic. With him and his team travelling year round for swim meets, events and fittings it was important that we make the online experience easy to navigate and control as a backend user. They also needed a way for their current swim team to easily order team specific bags, suits and other items online via a custom team portal. Our team worked with Swimmers Network to recreate his logo in vector format, design and build a complete e-commerce store to complement his brick and mortar and assist in email marketing retargeting campaigns.

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Project Challenge

Swimmers Network provided our team several challenges as we began the process of on-boarding them to a new website. Voyage Media Works needed to create a fast and functional website that housed their top performing items. This meant a fully SKU list of inventory for import and creation along with color sorting, sizes, and other variations. On top of this, our team needed to configure custom team portals that displayed only their gear and logos for specific items. This would allow the teams that were partnered with Swimmers Network to login and access their own teams products and inventory for faster purchase orders and checkout. 

Last up, our team needed to plan and research the best path to increase their organic SEO to boost business and sales outside of their team specific accounts. With an e-commerce website, keyword research, search term tracking and competitor analysis was needed to implement a sound long-term SEO strategy.


WooCommerce Store Front

Our Solution

We worked with Swimmers Network to create a design that carried on throughout the entire website. Our focus was to showcase the products themselves by dynamically sorting and featuring best selling items. Using WooCommerce on WordPress allowed us to create a user friendly backend that allowed the Swimmers Network team to set sale prices, track inventory and update products on the fly. We’ve made several updates over the past few years to upgrade color sorting, sizes and other variation options to make the overall user experience better.

Team Portals & Logo Vectorization

The creation of individual team access allowed Swimmers Network to use a centralized area for each group to order custom branded equipment. Now, there is no guess work in what team a swimmer is on or what their logo they need. Users just login under their team, select the products they want and the order gets sent through. 

In addition to this, our team needed to put all the finishing details on the project. This included taking their old low resolution logo and re-creating it in a vector format. The final product was a complete branded logo package to use where ever Swimmers Network needed it. 

Email Marketing

This was Swimmers Network first dive into email marketing and retargeting efforts online. With a growing email list and sign-ups due to their revamped website, we were able to set up several programs for them to increase their sales and ROI. 

The first step we took was to enable an automated abandoned cart email reminder. This allowed Swimmers Network to re-target customers who had left a card without finishing checkout. With that automation in-place, we worked with the Swimmers Network team to design seasonal sales campaigns to help drive both in-store and online traffic for specialized and local deals.

Project Conclusion

The Swimmers Network website was a great project that our team fully enjoyed working on. When we set out on a new project, the end goal is to create new opportunities for our clients to find success while making it easier and more efficient for them as well. This is one of those projects. With an updated website, a long-term SEO plan, and continued online growth and traffic, Swimmers Network is set to take their business to the next level. Our team implemented all the desired functions while providing a user friendly experience for customers to browse products. Swimmers Network has seen a 182% increase in page views, 214% increase in users, an amazing 48% average bounce rate and has averaged over 4500 users each month.