The Chetremon Golf Course & Event Center

Website Design & Development, Online Payments, Event Registration, Drone Flight

The Chetremon Golf Course & Event Center is a sprawling area of green nestled into the woods providing a peaceful and relaxed environment. Our team was thrilled to work with them to create a site that emphasized the grounds and facilities they have.

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Project Challenge

The Chetremon had a beautiful event center, course and Inn to rent; however, they lacked an online presence that showed it off to potential users. The previous website struggled with updating specials, hours and events. The previous content management system also prevented proper mobile and tablet optimizations and provided improper scales when changing between devices. The Chetremon was in a transition phase and it was building and opening its new event hall. Our team carried on with that sense of transition and new beginnings with the design and implementation of the new website.

Website Design & Development

Our Solution

Together with The Chetremon leaders, our team brainstormed ideas to make it easier for users to find the information they were looking for as well as implement new features that could streamline the process for their management team. The final site comes included with separate sections for the golf course and the event center. On the golf side, users can sign up and pay online for golf passes and memberships while on the flip side, users can book and schedule online to reserve the event hall.

Website Strategy

A complete understanding of the current pain-points for The Chetremon was needed by our team to come up with solutions that made their workflow easier and more efficient. During the beginning stages, our conversations focused on how to improve the online experience and allow users quick and easy ways to reserve, purchase and contact The Chetremon.

The most difficult aspect in the strategy and planning stages were to determine the best site structure that would merge the Golf Course and Event Center together while still keeping it organized and focused for each section. Users needed to be able to clearly see that multiple services were offered and navigate to information, specials, bookings and more.

Features & Function

The Chetremon Golf Course & Event Center was looking for ways to automate and optimize their daily work tasks. We came to them with a suggested implementation of digitizing their bookings and membership sign ups that would allow their departments to focus on the actual events and course themselves. Now, bookings can be made through a dynamic calendar that updates available dates. For those that love the greens, they can hop on and renew their membership before setting out all from an easy to use interface.

Aerial Video

During our strategic discussion with The Chetremon, we came up with the idea of adding quick aerial video tours of each of the holes as an added element to the website. Our certified team worked with the Golf Manager to provide video from tee-off to the hole so potential golfers could get a bit more personal with the course before visiting. Coming soon will be the addition of QR code scanners at each of the holes to allow golfers to view a quick tour of the course to see the twists and turns each one presents.

Project Conclusion

The new website showcases the amazing facilities and ground available for use and provides users a streamlined and digital way to interact with The Chetremon. The strategic decision to offer online membership renewals and bookings created a new way for users to interact with the brand on their own time and leisure. The addition of the golf course tours allows a sneak peek at each hole to get a sense of the greens before ever stepping foot on-site. Our team looks forward to supporting and growing with The Chetremon and their staff with on-going website and feature enhancements.