Thomas M. Frick Insurance Agency now with Ketrow Insurance Agency

Digital Strategy, Website Design, Custom Integrations

Thomas M. Frick Insurance Agency has been a staple of the Indiana, PA community since 1966. When they took the opportunity to expand their services by merging with Ketrow Insurance Agency, the entire format of the online presence needed to change. Our team took on a full marketing audit, oversaw the website redesign and worked closely with them to create new targeted marketing campaigns.

By the numbers

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Project Challenge

With Ketrow Insurance Agency merging into Thomas M. Frick Insurance, they were adding three new locations for a total of five offices. Each company had different marketing strategies. Two different website companies, two different reputation management companies, two different print advertisement agencies — you get the picture. This meant that we needed to comb through all of the current expenditures, platforms, and current material to understand where their money was going and how we could reorganize them for success.

Their current website also needed a refresh to include the new locations, agents, and give the Thomas M. Frick Insurance Agency a unified feel. The logo being used had several variations and there was no consistency to typography, photos or other marketing materials.

Voyage Media Works needed to create a unified and cohesive brand image that carried throughout their website, digital marketing, social media and print advertisement material while also making it easier for the agents to contact and connect with potential clients.

Website Design & Branding

Our Solution

We worked with their current website provider that specializes in Erie Insurance agencies to provide a fresh new look for the site. Pulling multiple examples based on our assessment and the owners, we refreshed the site to provide easy to access information for current and new clients. In tandem with that, they had multiple logo versions floating around. Our team assisted them in creating and finalizing a final logo version that embodied their company message – “Come Grow With Us.” This logo now stays consistent across every platform for brand recognition.

Reputation Management and Advertising

Their current reputation manager needed to be linked and organized with their IMS company to pull customer information. With that in place, reviews, surveys, and testimonials began coming through company wide so they could have a full understanding of their client base needs and wants. Last up our team at Voyage Media Works consulted with Thomas M. Frick Insurance to get multiple digital advertising campaigns running smoothly. Utilizing Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Effectv, we’re pushing brand recognition, lead generation and conversions across the board.

Project Conclusion

It was an immense undertaking to audit all of the content Thomas M. Frick Agency had; however, our team was able to create a foundational digital strategy while cutting costs across the board. Our team helped to create a unified online presence that speaks to the core mission of the company while remaining in budget, and on-time. Frick Insurance experienced a 137% increase in number of site users, a 180% increase in site sessions, and a 145% increase in page views.